Request: Goofy sings BRING ME TO LIFE


Anonymous asked:

I know you get asked to do Goofy too much, but a cover of Bring Me to Life would be hilarious <3

Let me transport you to a simpler time, where you’re putting the final touches on your Inuyasha AMV in Windows Movie Maker.

Welcome back to 2003.

Also, Sven’s b-day is like one week before mine

Man I’ve always kind of wanted to write something for 17 bec Sven’s drabbles are so good and they cheer me up when I read them and I want to return the favor, sort of

But I never know what to…write… Rolls under the bed

Which Zexal villain frightened you the most?



The man who was willing to sacrifice thousands and thousands of innocent lives for the sake of, his own deranged way of, “saving his youngest son”.


The father who became so corrupt on completing his revenge he used his three son’s lives to try and complete his vengeance on the man who took his life from him.


The con-artist who not only did his job of scarring, torturing, and otherwise abusing children and teenagers alike, but did it with a smile on his face.


The outcast who never had a place to call home, and became bent on the idea of becoming a god to make his own world from the ruins of entire civilizations.


The boy who emotionally manipulates and murders people for power and amusement, while holding a knife to the backs of anyone who thinks is his ally.


Or the god of an afterlife, who altered and manipulated people’s lives for his own benefit to bring absolute chaos to the universe, with absolutely no guilt to leading people to murder and suicide.

So I had to bring back a muse and now I have a message to my dashboard


Or how it’s a running joke that we call Hermann “El Papí Chulo”

You know what’s really funny

when you’re playing and your friends say the english words in spanish accent like, it’s not even a joke like using the japanese pronunciation

they just read the word as it is, even if that’s not how you pronounce it in english

I used to say my Sprint customer service speech so fast back at work but i can barely remember it now